85M Android Devices Infected by HummingBad Malware

HummingBad Malware on Android

The security vulnerabilities of Google’s open source mobile operating system Android are well known, and a report from security specialist Check Point reveals the platform’s security issues may be intensifying.

The report tracked a group of hackers called Yingmob in China that controls an arsenal of more than 85 million mobile devices around the world. The group has the potential to sell access to these devices to the highest bidder. The report found that the group is able to generate about $300,000 in revenue each week through malicious ads.

Check Point researchers first discovered HummingBad, a malware that establishes a persistent rootkit on Android devices, generates fraudulent ad revenue, and installs additional fraudulent apps, in February.

Read More at: http://www.informationweek.com/mobile/mobile-applications/hummingbad-malware-infects-85-million-android-devices-/d/d-id/1326205

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