5 Top most Horrible Computer Viruses of Cyber World

Desktop have protected a long way; in previous days of personal computers to new tablet era. As personal computer got drive, new PC viruses are coming every day. Previously computer viruses were developed by the youth to make fun only, but in current scenario virus developers get genius and developing codes to fulfill dishonest activities and make money from them.

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In this blog, you will be habitual of the most popular computer verses of the last era that raised the world by their lethal characteristics.

Love Letter/ I Love You-First Computer Virus

“I Love You” is treated as the first computer virus that used social engineering deception to infect the systems. This virus was developed in 2000 and in very short time this virus become popular in universe.

Victims got an uninvolved email with the subject line of “I Love” and attachment file of LOVE-LETTER for the victim and with the file format.txt.vbs. At the time email receiver, open that email, worm got installed and start their work to damage the file available in your computer. This virus generally overwrites the image files and sent its copy to all the contacts of address book.  Love Letter/ I Love You only attacked on windows system.

Slammer- A noxious PC worm

Slammer or SQL Slammer is a noxious PC worm that create the disapproval of service attacks. It affects the Internet hosts and slowed down their Internet traffic. This worm had infected more than 75000 victims within 10 minutes. Slammer included SQL in title, but hackers did not use any SQL coding while designing this malware. It had exploited the buffer overflow bug in SQL servers and desktop engines.

CodeRed- least dangerous and milder version of a virus

Security services have found CodeRed in July 2001 first time on Microsoft Internet Information server. If we compare it with latest malware, it looks like least dangerous and soft version of virus. This virus could express itself by using intermediary overflow obligation of the ISS. It used a long string of copied letter ‘N’ to execute irresponsible code of the server. In this way, it affects the computer.

MyDoom-A fastest Spreding Malware

This is one of the fastest spreading malware in history found in 2004. It affects more than a million of system and launch distributed denial of service attack. Like Fizzer and Love Letter/ I Love You this malware is also spread via email that generally shows as a bounce email notification on user inbox. At the time user, open email malware got automatedly install and sent unwanted emails to you contacts.

Fizzer-First Multiple Vector Worm

This was the first multiple vector worm developed for financial benefits. It disseminates over the internet by emails. It takes victim’s address book and send porn messages to his contacts and affect all stored files of system.  Large numbers of servers got affected by this virus. 

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