How to Increase Internet Speed on Android Smartphone

Who doesn’t get flustered by sluggish internet speed? Here is a list of hacks that can help you increase the internet speed on your Android smartphone.Increase the internet speed on your Android smartphone

Close background apps

Ever wondered where all your mobile data is going, even when you’re not using apps all that much? Background apps are your real enemy. If you have 10 apps running in the background, the bandwidth of your network is being spread across these 10 apps, reducing your data speed. To ensure an optimized internet speed, close all apps when you’re not actively using them.

Use data-management apps

While you’re traveling or commuting, fluctuating internet speed can be an major issue. Use data management apps like Opera Max for Android to maintain a steady internet speed. For example, when using Instagram, Opera Max can compress up to 50% of your data and cut down loading time by half. While streaming music or videos on apps such as Gaana, Saavn, YouTube or Netflix, Opera Max compresses data by up to 60%, leading to faster streaming.

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