Tips to Disable McAfee Antivirus ? Call @1-800-445-2810 Mcafee Support Number

Antivirus is one of the most important program in anyone laptop and desktop. Macfee antivirus is one of the acceptable and competent antivirus program that can maintain all round virus security from all kind of virus and malware risk.  Although in some cases whenever you install a computer program or you have performed some advance task you need to disable your McAfee antivirus.  In this blog, we will discuss about how to disable McAfee antivirus from your laptop, desktop. Another way is to get help from experts like macfee support team at McAfee antivirus customer care.

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Acknowledge McAfee Antivirus Enable

It is general for all computer program to ask you to disable the McAfee antivirus program while installation, although it is not always required. Selecting to disable the computer program at the same time you installing an application, program efficiently leave you very affected by virus or malware attack that could be enclosed with the installer.

Determine the Macfee Icon in the System Tray

The McAfee antivirus program should be fixed on lower right corner of your desktop. Suppose you did not find the icon broaden your system try and fix the M icon enclosed in red shield. Double click on icon to open the McAfee window. Still you feel difficulties to enable you antivirus or determining you McAfee icon just call us at McAfee technical support phone number 1-800-445-2810

Choose the Real-Time Scanning and Immobilized the Real-Time Screen

Find out the Real-Time button at the top of window under the green banner that is commonly set as “by default”.

Choose the real time scanning option to Immobilized/disable Real Time scanning. User can also select to how long you will keep it immobilized stage. It is suggested not to keep it in disable mode for long. Need help give call to McAfee support number.

Turn Off the Firewall of System

Furthermore, user can disable mcafee firewall. Fix the firewall button on the control panel of mcafee which is placed at the bottom of Real time scanning button.  User can also choose how long user keep the firewall disable. Alike Real-time scanning do not disable the firewall for long. For more Mcafee tech support contact macfee support team. Support will help help you over the phone just call at McAfee support phone number.

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